About Us​

As committed Easley, SC real estate agents, Chris and Cheryl McNabb prioritize trust, transparency, and truly grasping our clients’ desires. More than just facilitating the buy-sell process of single-family homes, we’re passionate about forging enduring bonds that transcend a mere signed agreement.

Driven by our mutual love for crafting homes and realizing dreams, we understand that each client’s path is distinct. We focus on truly hearing, capturing not just spoken words, but the hopes and feelings behind them. We’re committed to guiding, comprehending every choice’s importance, and accompanying our clients as both reliable counselors and cherished friends.

Heartfelt interactions from consultation to key handover, reflecting the profound meaning of “home.
Tailored real estate solutions, crafted from deeply understanding clients’ stories and goals.
Beyond transactions: creating lasting connections and turning real estate dreams into reality in Easley, SC.
Crafting experiences that transform house-shaped spaces into heart-warming homes where memories thrive.


Years of Experience


Awards & Honors

We have 32 years experience in business and human relations and have helped hundreds, possibly even thousands of people reach their goals.​


My Experience​

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Digital Marketing Consultant​

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Social Media Manager​

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Freelance Marketing​

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What People Say​

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials our customers have shared over the years.